Get paid online fast with our API

Focus on growing your business online and worry less about getting paid and managing your revenues.


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What makes Flouci different?

For any type of business

Flouci works if you sell on your e-commerce website, or on social media

Quick integration

Easy to set up, and comes with a sandbox environment for testing

Scalable payments

Instant access to wallet payments so you can serve more clients

Various Payment Methods

Payments by Flouci wallets or bank cards in one integration.

Easy-to-use API for a 30-minute integration

The Developer API offers a great degree of flexibility for people with or without a website and a dedicated development team.


Plugins for platforms

We provide payment modules for shopping platforms (PrestaShop).
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Usable with your stack

Easy to integrate elements with your project’s technology stack.
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Everything you need to provide the best
checkout experience for your customers


Payment Links

If you don't have a website, and sell primarily on social media or through other channels, you can use Flouci's product checkout pages and payment links in just a few clicks.

Pricing tailored to your fast-growing business

We offer flexible pricing for you to get fast payments, grow your business, and offer the best online experience.


Free credits

Just getting started? As a fellow startup, we understand. That's why we made an offer that will help you focus on growing your faithful customer database.

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Online store

%2 fee

Your online business deserves your attention. You can focus on offering more value and increasing your sales by having a smoother checkout experience.

standard Select plan

Enterprise plan


If your company is processing a large number of transactions per month, our team can provide support and custom solutions to get paid online.

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